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The Jersey Lions Muddy Fun Run is another great, community event organised by the Lions Club of Jersey. Conceived in 2019, it has become increasingly popular with over 500 runners entering the last event. The next event is scheduled to take place on 21st September 2024 and entries are now open on-line.


Participants are invited to run a 3.5km course across beautiful Jersey fields, interspersed with obstacles and muddy ponds and ditches. Entering as either individuals, families or teams of up to six people, it as an hilarious, messy activity - full of laughs and smiles as participants "get down and dirty".  


Entrants must be at least 7 years old or a minimum of 1.2m in height. All children under 14 years must be accompanied by a participating adult. Entry fee is £10 per individual child, £20 per individual adult, £60 for a family of 4, £120 for a 6 person team.


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Registrations open on 8th July 2024.


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There is plenty of free parking on site but please follow the instructions of the parking marshalls. When entering the field, please turn left, then park neatly in rows (rows have been marked out with blue ropes). When exiting after the event please go to the far side of the field and follow the signs to the exit.


Please go to Registration not less than 20 minutes before your scheduled race time. Please be sure to sign the “Disclaimer” at the Registration desk. You will then be given a start time at or within 20 minutes of your chosen time and a coloured wrist band with your entry number on it. Runners will be released in batches every 10-15 minutes based upon their wristband colour. If you are entering as a team, please present yourselves to Registration as a complete team and with a team name.

Left Luggage

We recommend that valuables and personal effects are left at home or in your car. We have very limited storage facilities but will store small items for you if required at our Left Luggage desk. Ideally, this should be mainly for keys, phones, etc. Please have your entry wristband and number available for presentation when depositing or collecting anything. This is a free service and while hopefully secure, no responsibility is accepted for any loss. We recommend that you do not carry anything onto the course.

Musical Warm Up

At regular intervals there will be a musical warm up. It is a fun opportunity to come together with your fellow runners and get warmed up prior to starting on the Mud Run.

Have Fun Safely

While every effort has been taken to enable you to enjoy this event safely, it does come down to runners being sensible about their safety. Marshalls and signs are present along the course and they must be obeyed. Please bear in mind that the course will be slippery and hazards must be carefully traversed. This is not a race against the clock, so take your time and enjoy it.


At the finish do not forget to collect your medal.


Do not forget to have your photograph taken by our photographer. Our mascot, “Melvin the Lion” will be around all day to say hello and may be have a photo taken. They will be available on-line after the event.


A dedicated area is available for runners to shower themselves down after completing the course.  This is a communal, rudimentary system for removing the mud, etc. – please do not use soap, etc. as drainage is into the soil.

Changing Area

There are no changing facilities provided.


Jersey Water are kindly providing free drinking water. Please bring your own refillable water bottle. Teas/coffee/hot food & cold drinks are on sale.


The event is free to the public to watch from the main arena or they can walk the course. Being agricultural fields they are not really suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs.



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